1750 Ellesmere Road 

• Multi-Unit Residential

• Client: Verdiroc Development Corp./Fineway Properties

• Toronto, Canada

• 16,400 square metres

• In Progress

The 13 storey, 100% affordable residential building contains a mix of 150 family and non-family units, with retail on the first storey.  Sensitively designed for the existing context, while maximizing the number of residential units, the building is L-shaped in plan and steps back significantly from the Ellesmere Road frontage as the building rises.  Retail uses at grade level and balcony units in the three-storey podium promote a lively and secure streetscape along Ellesmere Road.  While contemporary in style, in materiality and colour, the building links itself to Toronto's construction heritage through its three-storey base and the buff coloured brick of the tower storeys; a combination of brick colours typically used in many of Toronto’s historical buildings.