David Climans



David Climans is a founding partner of CGL Architects and since graduation from the University of British Columbia has been integrally involved with two major architectural firms in Toronto as an associate partner before forming his own firm in 1988 along with his partners.

David has carved out a specialization in entertainment and hospitality projects, including casinos, and has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial and residential projects. David Climans has established a reputation for design excellence through his hands-on approach with every project, from conception to completion.  His architectural philosophy is fundamentally grounded in the supposition that all architecture should be sympathetic to its site and respond to the surrounding context to Inform design decisions. His sensitivity to the needs and objectives of his clients, along with his professional skills, has translated into many successful projects in Canada and the United States that have stood the test of time.


Robert W. Green



Since his graduation from the University of British Columbia in 1980, Bob Green has demonstrated extensive experience in all aspects of Commercial, Residential and Entertainment/Gaming projects. As a founding partner of CGL Architects, Bob has emphasized the important of the collaborative aspects of architecture both in the studio environment and in the relationship between client and architect – he believes the long-lasting relationships he has formed with his clients is vital to the success of past projects. In addition, Bob has shown keen interest in being a guiding source of inspiration of young architects that work in the office; developing their understanding of all stages of the architectural process from concept and design development to contract administration and construction.

Bob also emphasizes the importance of the environmental impact of the built form ensuring the firm’s projects are as ecologically sensitive as possible either through the integration of LEED design principles and active/passive sustainable design practices. This environmental consciousness combined with the close personal relationships he has formed with the firm’s clients; recognizing and responding to the unique needs of any client has been an invaluable part of the success of the firm over the past three decades.


Carson Liang



As a founding partner of CGL Architects, Carson Liang has demonstrated an ability to conceptualize large scale projects in terms of programming and design. This capacity to consistently understanding the macro aspects of a project has been an integral part in the success of CGL Architects over the past three decades. Carson also has the ability to visual three-dimensional space and implement loose, concept sketches into the built form. This, coupled extensive technical expertise along with the ability to rapidly develop solutions to the most challenging problems as well as guiding the CGL team to accomplish tasks in an efficient and knowledgeable manner has catalyzed the firm’s accomplishments.