Pickering Casino

• Casino & Entertainment Facility

• Client: Ontario Gaming GTA L.P.

• Pickering, Ontario, Canada

• 45,000 square metres

• In Progress

Pickering Casino & Entertainment Facility, designed in association with Chris Dikeakos Architects, presents an exciting opportunity to develop a completely new and modern complex for guests of all demographics. The proposed layout optimizes spatial relationships to make the experience convenient and comfortable for guests while maximizing operational efficiency with practical back-of-house and loading programming. The main entry will have tight frontage to the south property line, so that the development faces a large, proposed mix-use development to the south, with plazas and convenient connectivity to a variety of uses. The grand lobby will link the casino, hotel, performance venue, and restaurants, acting as a hub but also creating an architectural opportunity with a variety of building forms and exterior finishes.

Within the building, the interior palette will be light in nature and have a modern feel.  The timeless finishes can allow for future renovations and interior developments to take place without clashing with the original installations. The gaming areas will contain different slot machine types, in modest bank sizes, with a dynamic layout. This departs from the high-density linear slot bank layout traditionally seen in Ontario casinos, generates interest, and promotes exploring the floor for new and regular guests. The ceilings will contain feature elements to break up the space, but the design will have dynamic, irregular patterns so that the gaming programming can be adjusted without compromising the visual cohesiveness of the interior design. The VIP gaming area will feel exclusive, with contemporary high-end finishes to welcome the more discerning group. Beyond the gaming floor, the atrium will have inviting multi-storey spaces to visually connect the performance venue and hotel, with intuitive links to all the key spaces.